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In the process of registration choose this User's Role: Employer. (Also if you search other companies or tradesmen)
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After Confirmation and Login, you can place job ads.
You can login after clicking on confirmation link sent after registration. Save your Login info into your Browser memory.
You can place Resume only after Login as Employer. Fill up all required fields, otherwise job ad will not be uploaded. In case of any problem, please contact us on: info(ad)diebauarbeiter.ch
All services for placing any amount of Job Positions are free of charge. Also all updates of information.
For working in EU, Social Security Office of Job Seeker's country issues A1 document where is stated where Job Seeker will pay taxes, social and health insurance. Job Seeker can apply for this document at the Social Security Office in his country.
Tradesman - in some countries, except of A1 document issuing, is needed also registration at Foreign Police and Chamber of Commerce.
Companies - except of information written above, there may be other obligations, e.g. such as work holiday special fund contributions or VAT related registrations. Always check this before travel to given country.
Majority of companies-orderers offers free accommodation not only to their own workers, but also to Tradesmans.
For health insurance purposes Tradesman can apply at health insurance company free of charge demand for European Health Insurance Card or Form S1.
We stongly recommend also accident and liability insurance, which can cover all EU countries and the cost are very acceptable in comparison to possible risks.
A company or entrepreneur from EU countries can send its employees to Switzerland for a maximum of 90 days a year. Company or Tradesman is obligated to report via Meldeverfahren 8 days prior to commencement of activities in CH. Confirmed registration is obligatory from 1st day of commencement of activity in CH.
When you arrive in CH you must have:
- acknowledgment of reporting / Meldebestätigung
- Form A1, which confirms your business and payment of social security contributions at least 2 months prior to arrival in CH
- the contract & agreement with the contracting authority in one of the Swiss official languages
A tradesman who earns more than 100,000 francs in this period is obliged to pay VAT in Switzerland.
Social contributions are paid to the home state.
The employer must comply with Swiss labor law: pay, working hours & time off, holidays, workplace safety, etc…