Job Category: Joiner
Job Type: Employment
Salary Ranges: 2000 - 2500 EUR Per Month
Job Shifts: Morning
Preferred country: Germany
Number of people to accept: 2
Start of work: Jan
End of work: More then year
Need of a car: Car is a must
Which hand tools is a must: Grundlegende Hand- und Elektrowerkzeuge
Which material will be used?: Standard
Technologies or procedures to use: Standard
Required daily performance - Ex. m2/day: Standard
Description of job by other words: Bau von Häusern und Büros
One man should speak by this language: German is a must
Accommodation assistance service: We can find and pay
Other professions which are regularly searched: Carpenters
Payment preference: Per hour
Minimum Education: Apprentice school
Minimum Experience: More then 5 years
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